• Sam's CC rolling on the highway
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Sam's CC

The CC is Sam's daily driver. As such, he went to great length's to make sure the modifications did not inhibit the practical use of the car. All modifications are neatly tucked away - as though the car rolled out of the factory that way.

  • Advanced welding & fabrication
  • Air suspension & management
  • In-car electronics
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Sam's CC parking lot Sam's CC headlight Sam's CC wheel Sam's CC steering wheel Sam's CC air management Sam's CC accuair Sam's CC air tank Sam's CC trunk Sam's CC air compressor in trunk Sam's CC accuair sensors Sam's CC accuair sensors Sam's CC rolling Sam's CC rolling Sam's CC highway entrance

Performance Specs

200 at 5100 RPM
0 - 60 MPH
6.4 seconds
Quarter Mile
14.9 seconds
Fuel Consumption
32 MPG
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